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Brian Halbleib was extremely fortunate to have a father who introduced him to the great outdoors at an early age. Fishing and camping are part of his earliest memories. It was not long before he was joining his Dad and brother on hunting trips and it has become a lifelong obsession ever since. Brian has been blessed to have traveled and hunted successfully in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Brian has also worked as a fishing charter guide on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on the fishing vessel Red Star.

After learning and practicing the craft of building bows and getting frustrated with a lack of a centralized, updated resource on the subject, Brian launched The Bowyer's Journal magazine in 2005 and served as editor, publisher, graphics designer and secretary. The publication caught on quickly and subscribers in over 35 countries were enjoying it when it was purchased by a publisher from Wisconsin four years later. The magazine was expanded and is now being published as TradArcher's World and can still be found on newsstands. Brian also founded and organized the Traditional & Primitive Archery Expo and the Ohio Valley Hunting Expo, hosting and promoting several outdoor expositions annually around the region. Brian was the editor of Pennsylvania Bowhunter magazine from 2009-2018. He also served as Director of Media Operations for the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania.

Today he still enjoys contributing to numerous publications. His freelance writing pieces have appeared in Primitive Archer, Traditional Bowhunter and PA Game News to name a few. He is currently the co-host of Habitat Podcast and is part of the First Lite R&D team. Brian is also a Pro Staff member of Global Outfitters and Contributing Editor for their Outdoor University.

Of course Brian prefers a fallen log or a tractor seat to his office chair and a bow and arrow or bag of seed to a keyboard so be patient when sending e-mails or leaving phone messages. But please do not hesitate to call to discuss your next project, he will stop what he is doing to help you out.


‚ÄčSpecializing in products and services for the outdoorsman

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